Nuklospray quality nutrition impacts lifetime performance

Raising newly weaned piglets is becoming increasingly challenging in the modern pig industry.
Litter sizes are continuing to increase resulting in a greater number of weaker piglets. Sows' milk production is scarcely able to keep pace with this development. The key to profitable piglet rearing lies in improving young piglets' performance through the earliest feed intake.

Nuklospray products are developed to form a highly digestible energy source in piglet diets.
The combination of oils, encapsulated by protein and lactose during the unique spray-drying process of Trouw Nutrition Sloten, enables the specific nutritional requirements of young piglets to be met.

Nuklospray enables piglets to cope with the changes they face at weaning, and is available in high-quality product lines.


Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company

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