Nuklospray Milk

Next to the yoghurt Nuklospray offers an effective and efficient fluid product, the Nuklospray milk. The milk is developed for early weaned piglets.
It contains high quality dairy products mixed with a balanced blend of easily digestible fats and oils, including palatable and highly digestible raw materials.

Nuklospray Milk dissolves easily and therefore very suitable for automatic feeding systems. The consistent composition of Nuklospray milk guarantees a save start, good intake levels and high growth.

Why young piglets benefit from Nuklospray Milk?

  • Nuklospray Milk is suitable in the farrowing pen, from day 1.
  • It is formulated to substitute sow milk in the best possible way.
  • Nuklospray Milk stimulates feed intake and supports a smooth transition to solid feed.

How to use Nuklospray Milk?

  • Ensure sufficient colostrum.
  • Provide small amounts of Nuklospray Milk from 12 hours after birth.
  • Mix 1 kg Nuklospray Milk with 6 liters of luke warm water (preferably 45°C).
  • Provide small quantities of fresh feed at regular intervals, for a fast intake, to prevent rests of milk in the trough.
  • Milk in the trough will be stable and not spoiled during 24 hours.
  • Suitable for manual and automatic feeding system.