To serve the feed industry, Trouw Nutrition Sloten developed a global comprehensive portfolio of feed ingredients that covers its customers' needs locally.


Nuklospray S

Nuklospray Specialties offer convenience as complete dairy compositions in piglet feeds. These 'all-in-one' packages consist of well-balanced Nuklospray L, E and P combinations. Nuklospray S products provide high added nutritional value and will enhance animal performance.

S 20-20
Nuklospray S20-20 is a mixture of high quality proteins, homogenised vegetable fat and lactose used in phase 1 and 2 diets. The product is used when high performance is demanded from the piglet in terms of average daily gain and feed efficiency. An inclusion rate of 15-20% covers a great part of the high quality protein demand and the total energy demand required out of fat. The lactose demand of 8-10% in phase 1 can be reached with a complementary product like whey or Nuklospray L70.

Advantages of Nuklospray S20-20

  • Suitable as sole fat source in phase 1 and 2.
  • Proven better animal performance.
  • Complementary to local ingredients.
  • More safety in the diets.


Nuklospray E

Nuklospray E stands for products with highly digestible energy levels, especially for the requirements of newly weaned piglets. During laction 65% of the energy intake of the piglets comes from (milk) fat. Anyhow this percentage is reduced significantly in weaning diets.
Firstly, adding free oils has a technical limitation. Secondly, piglets cannot digest amounts of added free fats. However, piglets can digest oils rather well if we provide the good quality. The Nuklospray E line contains selected and homegenized vegetable oils to improve fat digestibility significantly.

Nuklospray E50 is a mixture of high quality dairy products and homogenised vegetable oils. Young piglets have restrictive digestive capacities, where fat digestion is the most limiting. Besides low enzyme activity the emulsifying capacity is poor as well.
Nuklospray E50 offers full micro-encapsulated energy with a physical similarity to sows milk, which has a significant, positive effect on digestibility. In the first week after weaning blended oils have a faecal digestibility of approximately 80%, whereas Nuklospray has a faecal fat digestibility of 92%.
This higher digestibility is simulating feed intake and animal performance and will reduce the risk on digestive disorders.

Advantages of Nuklospray E50

  • High quality vegetable oils and dairy ingredients.
  • Fully encapsulated spray-dried fats to achieve good free flowing characteristics and fat digestibility.
  • Homogenised highly digestible fats, particle size equal to sows milk.
  • Better feed intake first weeks after weaning.


Nuklospray P

These are products with a high content of (dairy) protein and an excellent source of glutamines to support gut health. Worldwide, cereals and soya are available in sufficient amounts, whereas high quality protein is not always easily available. However, it is essential in piglet diets for proper performance.
The Nuklospray P line offers products selected proteins in order to complement local available raw materials. A well-balanced diet will improve feed intake, performance and will minimize digestive disorders.


  • P42 - High quality proteins suitable to be used in phase 1 and 2 diets.
  • P30 - Optimized for economical use in corn-soya based diets.

Nuklospray P42 is a mixture of high quality proteins suitable to be used in phase 1 and 2 diets for piglets. Nuklospray P42 gives flexibility in the formulation of the phase 1 and 2 diets, energy and lactose requirements can be sourced locally in the form of whey and oil or other products from the Nuklospray range. Inclusion up to 20 % covers a great part of the required high quality protein level in the piglet diet.

Advantages of Nuklospray P42

  • Flexibility in formulation.
  • Complementary to local available raw materials.
  • Economic solution for high quality protein demand.
  • Perfect combination with L or E.

Nuklospray P30 is a mixture of high quality proteins, homogenised vegetable fats and lactose. The product is optimized for economical use in corn-soya based diets. An inclusion rate of 15% the product fills in the part of high quality proteins in both first and second phase, the energy out of fat in the complete feed is close to 50% covered by Nuklospray P30. For the lactose coverage of 8-10% in the first phase local whey or Nuklospray L70 is recommended.

Advantages of Nuklospray P30

  • High quality protein coverage in first and second phase piglet feed.
  • Economical usage in first and second phase feed.
  • Fit to corn-soya based diets.
  • Constant in composition.


Nuklospray L

Nuklospray L products contain lactose, in order to replace whey in your nutritional formulas. Whey is added to piglet diets to meet the lactose requirements. Lactose is improving feed intake and will smoothen transition from sows milk to solid feed. Pure whey can have poor free flowing characteristics and fluctuations in compositions. Therefore Trouw Nutrition Sloten designed Nuklospray L; a whey replacer which is constant in composition and has approved free flowing characteristics.

Nuklospray L70 is a high lactose feed ingredient and therefore a good alternative for sweet whey powder.
It gives flexibility up to a 1:1 replacement of sweet whey in your formula. Nuklospray L70 is designed to fulfil the lactose requirement in your diets. It is not hygroscopic, which makes it easy to use. Where sweet whey or other derivates can show variation in composition, physical appearance and free flowing properties, Nuklospray L70 will offer stability in diet formulation and production process.

Advantages Nuklospray L70 over sweet whey

  • Proven better animal performance.
  • 1:1 replacement of whey derivates.
  • Non-hygroscopic, not sticky; better flowing properties.
  • Stable in composition and performance.